Our Mission

"Principles are self-evident, self-validating natural laws. They don't change or shift. They provide "true north" direction to our lives. Principles apply at all time in all places. They surface in the form of values. The lesson of history is that to the degree people & civilizations have operated in harmony with correct principles, they have prospered. At the root of societal declines are foolish practices that represent violations of correct principles. How many economic disasters, intercultural conflicts, political revolutions, and civil wars could have been avoided had there been greater social commitment to correct principles."

Stephen Covey(author of Principle Centered Leadership)

Foundation For Achievement

Has been designed to train business and social entrepreneurs around the world on 40 life giving principles that will increase employability and connectivity. This material will ignite your potential and increase your understanding.

Including training on 4 Values:
The Value of Self-Government
The Value of Productivity
The Value of Management
The Value of Leadership

This program is for those who want to understand themselves and develop wise leadership skills.
“Leadership & Management Skills to Empower Your Nation”
(Offered Thru The Global Entrepreneurs Institute internationalGEI.org)