In 1991 the business community in the nation of Colombia desired formal training so that they could be accredited in Management and Professional Skills. This practical training model involved a full day seminar followed up with a series of weekly topics and roundtables. An event followed by a process. This training methodology is still used today and is known as THE GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURS INSTITUTE.

In 1998 Jose Antonio Briz was invited to develop a course and textbook for the student body known as Personal and Professional development. This course and textbook was approved for college credit using principles and was taught by professors developed and trained in principle centered leadership.. To date that course has been given to 160,000 students and is our first formal training program utilized by a university.



  1. Offer formal training, which is accredited by local colleges and universities.
  2. Train and develop leaders on the power of productivity, self government, management and leadership.
  3. Offer personal coaching to bring life changing transformation to the individual.
  4. Provide a distinction of completion.