Online Training

Master’s Distinction

100 hours

In 2005 Dr. David Migliore shared his vision for a formal training program, via Internet, which could be used in developing and 3rd world nations. Harnessing his passions as a life coach and the fundamental drive that David has to develop champions, the Global Institute began a 100-hour training program, which leads to a Distinction of Mastery.

This has attracted a select group of leaders from around the world. The Global Entrepreneur’s Institute has its own board of regents which works with universities around the world to accredit the courses and curriculum.

Each 10-principle module involves weekly follow through and a book report.

Topics covered:


At the end of the 4 modules a dissertation is completed and a case file is assembled on each student.

Personal Coaching

As part of the online training of GEI, students are assigned a personal coach who will communicate weekly to assist in the various areas of study.

This course is designed for people with a true desire to transform their lives and impact their world.